Every year since 2007 thousands of people from all over the world gather together in the Karoo Deserts in South Africa, living and experiencing the spirit of the Afrika Burn. As a regional Burning Man event, AfrikaBurn adheres to the ten principles of : Radical inclusion, gifting, decommodificatios, radical sel-reliance, radical self-expression, community effort, civic responsibility, leaving no trace, participation, immediacy; the 11th principle, 'Each One Teach One', was added to encourage the sharing of knowledge throughout the community. In 2016 Stonehenge farm hosted 11 300 people who shared their artworks, vehicles, ideas, music, skills and fantasies. The theme was X: the Roman numeral that signifies the number 10, and the letter X that represents an open signifier. It’s a time for both a backward reflection and an imagining of possibilities and futures. Pictures of the event are following.